DeskFlag 1.0

DeskFlag places an animated US flag in the corner of your screen
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DeskFlag is a program that places an animated United States flag in the lowest right corner of your screen.
This flag waves all the time while you use your computer.

Tiger Technologies created DeskFlag after the attacks on September 11, 2001, and dedicated it

Tiger Technologies stopped distributing their programs, since they are now focused in offering Web Hosting Services, but they do still distribute DeskFlag.

Upon installation, DeskFlag places an icon on the system bar. Right clicking on it with your mouse, you will have access to several features.

"Deskflag Help" will show you the Help file for the program.

"About Deskflag" will display a window with the software notice.

"Tell a Friend" used to leads you to a form in Tiger Technologies site, This feature is not active anymore.
"Uninstal Deskflag" will uninstall the program.

"Flag on Desktop" will only show the flag when your desktop is active. "Flag on Top of All Windows" will show it always.

"Deskflag Settings" will allow you to determine the location and speed of the flag, its transparency, and when it will be showed.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It a small free application, dedicated to US patriots


  • You can´t change the flag to display, or its position
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